Texas officials expressed their condolences, stating, "Every loss of life is a tragedy." As soon as the child displayed health concerns, the bus immediately pulled over, and the onboard security personnel promptly dialed 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.

The Biden administration has filed a lawsuit against Texas for erecting large buoys in the Rio Grande, arguing that these water barriers pose environmental and humanitarian concerns. Moreover, Texas state police have begun separating certain migrant families at the border, marking a departure from their previous stance of advocating for family unity.

  • Texas governor sued by Biden administration over migrant barrier buoys in Rio Grande
  • Texas state trooper says migrants are being pushed back into Rio Grande under Gov. Abbott's $4 billion 'Operation Lone Star'

Questions regarding the child's unfortunate demise were redirected to the state's emergency management agency, which has been overseeing the bus program since its inception in 2022.

Tragedy Strikes as Child Dies After Receiving Treatment on Bus from Texas Border City

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a child who received treatment from paramedics has tragically passed away at a hospital. The bus carrying the child had departed from the Texas border city of Brownsville. All passengers on the bus had their temperature taken and were questioned about any medical conditions. However, further details regarding the incident are yet to be released by Texas’ emergency management agency.

U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat representing the Texas border district, has voiced his criticism of Governor Abbott. Cuellar believes that Abbott should be prioritizing collaboration with the federal government to enhance border security, instead of using migrants for political gain. He emphasizes the importance of providing proper care and support, especially when transporting children.

Texas has extended its bus program beyond Chicago, with buses now reaching cities such as Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angeles. Governor Abbott recently took to Twitter to highlight the bus program, expressing his determination to continue busing migrants to sanctuary cities until President Biden addresses border security concerns.

Under Texas’s bus program, migrants sign consent waivers and decide on their desired destinations. The state ensures the availability of food and water on the buses, and migrants are given the option to disembark at earlier stops before reaching their final destination.

Responding to the influx of migrants in June, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass condemned Governor Abbott’s actions as a "despicable stunt" after 42 individuals, including children, were dropped off in the city.

Regrettably, this tragic incident adds to the growing number of migrant children who have lost their lives while in federal custody this year. One such case involved an 8-year-old girl from Panama who passed away in May due to a heart condition and sickle-cell anemia. A recent independent report revealed the lack of protocols within the Border Patrol for properly assessing the medical needs of children with preexisting conditions.

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