• This market pro likes the ‘Magnificent Seven’ but thinks stocks are on thin ice
  • Bad news for bulls: Bears still control this market until the S&P 500 tops 4400
  • Municipal bonds offer fantastic yields, especially in these four high-tax states

Crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried convicted of plundering billions in collapse of FTX

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Short-term bonds dominate fixed-income ETF flows, with a single fund getting much of investors' money

Bad news for bulls: Bears still control this market until the S&P 500 tops 4400

Is this just another oversold, seasonal rally? We'll know soon.

Distinctively Managing Financial Anxiety

People’s biggest fear is that their money runs out. This fear is often amplified during market downturns, where panic and uncertainty can drive investors to make hasty decisions that may harm their long-term financial goals. As experienced financial advisers, we understand the pain and anxiety that comes with market volatility. Our role is to help you navigate these turbulent times and stay focused on your investment strategy.

Many investors believe that the largest companies in today's market will continue to dominate in the future. However, this assumption may not hold true in the long run. We believe that a broader perspective is essential when evaluating investment opportunities. While today's widely popular stocks may seem promising, their long-term prospects may be mediocre at best. Our team of experts is here to provide you with valuable insights and guide you towards investments with more promising growth potential.

Unlocking India's Multidecade Growth Surge

India is experiencing a remarkable surge in economic growth, presenting investors with exciting opportunities. Our team of money managers has conducted extensive research and identified their favorite stocks in India. Additionally, we have curated a list of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) that focus on capitalizing on the world's most rapidly growing large economy. By investing strategically in India, you can participate in this multidecade growth story and potentially reap significant returns.

In times of market turbulence, it's natural to question whether a correction will lead to a larger bear market. To bring clarity to this uncertainty, our team has conducted a comprehensive analysis of all S&P 500 declines of 10% or more since 1928. By examining historical data, we can provide you with valuable insights into the likelihood of the current market correction leading to a more severe downturn. Stay informed, stay reassured, and stay the course.

Municipal Bonds: A Reliable Source of Income in a Volatile Market

If you're looking for stable income while avoiding the uncertainties of the stock market, municipal bonds may be an attractive option for you. We've identified opportunities where you can earn high yields on these bonds, offering a steady stream of income with potentially lower risk compared to equities. Let us guide you through the intricacies of municipal bonds and help you create a diversified portfolio that mitigates risk while maximizing returns.

Spot-Bitcoin ETFs: Managing Expectations

The emergence of spot-bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) has garnered significant attention in the investment community. However, it's important to approach these investments with caution. Narrowly-defined and specialty ETFs have historically underperformed more broad-based ETFs. While spot-bitcoin ETFs may seem enticing, it's crucial to consider the broader landscape and evaluate the potential risks involved. Our team is here to provide you with a comprehensive perspective and help you make informed investment decisions.

Predicting the return on intermediate Treasurys amidst rising interest rates can be a challenging task. However, it's important to note that higher interest rates don't always lead to negative outcomes for longer-term bond returns. Our team of experts can guide you through the intricacies of bond investing and help you navigate potential fluctuations in returns. Stay proactive, stay informed, and make smarter investment decisions with our support.

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