Tesla has issued a recall for approximately 200,000 vehicles in the United States after discovering a malfunction with the backup camera when the car is in reverse. This recall pertains to select Models Y, S, and X from the 2023 model year, all of which are equipped with the "Full Self-Driving" computer 4.0 and run software version 2023.44.30 through 2023.44.30.6 or 2023.44.100.

According to documents released by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the camera's software instability can prevent it from displaying images while the vehicle is in reverse, thereby increasing the risk of a potential accident. Fortunately, there have been no reported crashes, injuries, or fatalities associated with this issue, and Tesla has already resolved the problem through an online software update.

Owners of the affected vehicles will receive notification letters starting from March 22nd. Tesla took prompt action following customer complaints, initiating the recall on January 12th. As of January 22nd, the company had received 81 warranty claims that could potentially be linked to this specific problem.

It is important to note that despite possessing a "Full Self-Driving" system, Teslas are not capable of driving autonomously. Human drivers must remain vigilant and prepared to intervene at any given moment.

Tesla continues to prioritize safety and reliability, addressing any concerns promptly and ensuring that their vehicles meet the highest standards in performance and functionality.

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