Stellantis, in collaboration with Samsung SDI, has announced plans to invest more than $3.2 billion in a second electric-vehicle battery manufacturing facility in Kokomo, Indiana. This venture represents the Jeep maker's sixth battery facility worldwide.

The new facility, named StarPlus Energy, will commence production in early 2027, boasting an annual capacity of 34 gigawatt hours. With this expansion, the plant is set to create 1,400 new jobs.

In 2025, Stellantis and Samsung SDI are scheduled to initiate operations at their first battery manufacturing facility in Kokomo. This initial plant will have an annual production capacity of 33 gigawatt hours.

With the combined investment for both facilities now exceeding $6.3 billion, the total job creation is expected to reach 2,800 positions.

Mark Stewart, Stellantis Chief Operating Officer for North America, highlighted the significance of electric vehicles in the company's strategy for sustainable mobility: "The electric vehicles entering our North America brands are pivotal in our mission to provide clean, safe, and affordable transportation for all while working towards our ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2038."

Earlier this year, Stellantis revealed its plan to allocate $155 million to three Indiana plants for the production of new electric drive modules. This initiative is part of the auto manufacturer's objective to have electric cars constitute 50% of its U.S. sales by the end of the decade.

Driven by substantial growth in China and Europe, global electric-vehicle sales reached a record market share of approximately 10% last year.

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