Adtalem Global Education has recently responded to a report published by Safkhet Capital, denouncing it as a baseless attempt to damage the company's reputation. Adtalem emphasizes that the report contains numerous errors and misrepresentations, rendering its claims misleading and factually inaccurate.

Enrollment Growth Highlights

Addressing one of the key claims made in the report, Adtalem Global Education highlights its impressive enterprise total enrollment growth. As of December 31, the company experienced a notable 6% increase, marking the most substantial surge since August 2021. This substantial growth debunks Safkhet Capital's assertion that there has been a multi-year decline in enrollment trends.

No Evidence of Financial Losses

Furthermore, Adtalem asserts that there is no substantiated evidence to support Safkhet Capital's claim that the borrower defense program will worsen the company's financial losses. Adtalem confidently dismisses this assertion, emphasizing that Safkhet Capital fails to provide any compelling facts to validate their argument.

Adtalem Global Education concludes its response by questioning Safkhet Capital's credibility due to its inability to accurately state even the most basic facts. Adtalem asserts that Safkhet Capital's report lacks a solid premise and should not be regarded as credible.

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