LQR House, the prominent ecommerce platform, has recently seen a 17% surge in its shares, now valued at $4.37. This significant increase follows the company's decision to repurchase 577,000 of its shares and transfer them to its account with its trusted transfer agent.

The repurchased shares account for a substantial 15% of LQR House's total outstanding shares. This strategic move, advised by experienced consultants, aims to safeguard the company's stock value by ensuring that these shares cannot be utilized for short selling purposes. By adopting this approach, LQR House is fortifying its defenses against bearish speculation and establishing a more robust position in the market.

Furthermore, LQR House is actively encouraging its shareholders with significant holdings to transfer their shares from their brokerage accounts to an account managed by Vstock Transfer, its designated transfer agent. This proactive step is expected to reduce the likelihood of further short sales of LQR House's stock.

Amidst the ever-evolving financial landscape, LQR House remains steadfast in its commitment to creating long-term value and ensuring stability for its shareholders.

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