Despite It All, Linda Yaccarino Remains Calm

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, appeared composed as she listened to her boss, Elon Musk, make derogatory comments towards high-profile advertisers who have withdrawn their support from the platform.

In his defense, Musk admitted to occasionally saying regrettable things and warned that users would be dissatisfied if the platform were to falter. This warning came as a result of major advertisers such as Apple, IBM, and Walt Disney pulling their ads due to Musk's posts and concerns over the platform's perceived tolerance of antisemitism.

While Yaccarino acknowledged that Musk's interview was "comprehensive and transparent," she also pointed out that he had issued an apology. During the DealBook event, Musk, who claims to be supportive of Jewish people (describing himself as "philosemitic"), referred to his own post as "foolish." He clarified that his intention was to highlight the unintended consequences of supporting immigration, cautioning that it inadvertently ends up funding those who hold hostile intentions towards Jewish individuals.

Yaccarino subtly hinted that X might still have room for improvement in combating hate speech, particularly in meeting the expectations of corporate advertisers.

"X thrives at the fascinating intersection of Free Speech and Main Street — a powerful community that warmly embraces all," wrote Yaccarino, a former NBCUniversal executive, in her message to advertisers.

In addition to Yaccarino's response, her post included the complete interview with Musk.

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