Michael McAlevey Promoted to Expanded Role

HCA Healthcare, a Nashville-based company, recently announced changes to its leadership team as part of an organizational shift. Michael McAlevey, the chief legal officer of HCA Healthcare, has been promoted to the position of executive vice president and chief legal and administrative officer.

In his new role, McAlevey will oversee the organization's enterprise risk and external affairs functions. This promotion reflects HCA Healthcare's recognition of McAlevey's expertise and his valuable contributions to the company.

New Reporting Structure Implemented

As part of the organizational changes, HCA Healthcare is implementing a new reporting structure. The company's three operating groups will now report directly to Chief Operating Officer Jon Foster. This adjustment aims to streamline operations and enhance communication within the organization.

Additionally, Chief Information Officer Chad Wasserman and Mike Schlosser, senior vice president of care transformation and innovation, will now report directly to Chief Executive Sam Hazen. Meanwhile, recently appointed Chief Financial Officer Mike Marks will assume responsibilities for all areas, except information technology, that currently report to the CFO position.

These changes reflect HCA Healthcare's commitment to optimizing its leadership structure and ensuring effective decision-making processes.

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