By Dominic Chopping

H2 Green Steel has recently announced long-term supply agreements with mining giants Rio Tinto and Vale. These agreements secure the delivery of iron-ore pellets from Canada and Brazil to support H2 Green Steel's green-steel production in Sweden.

Advancing Green Steel Production

H2 Green Steel is currently in the process of constructing a state-of-the-art plant in northern Sweden. With a commitment to sustainability, the company aims to replace coal with green hydrogen produced from fossil-free energy sources. By utilizing this innovative approach, H2 Green Steel will significantly reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional steel production.

Key Materials for a Sustainable Future

Iron ore in pelletized form, combined with H2 Green Steel's own electrolyzer facility that produces green hydrogen, serves as a vital component in the production of green iron. These materials will be used to create near-zero emissions steel at the newly established steel plant.

Collaboration with Rio Tinto

In addition to the supply agreements, H2 Green Steel and Rio Tinto have entered into an agreement where Rio Tinto will purchase and resell surplus low-carbon iron produced by H2 Green Steel during the initial phase of steelmaking capacity ramp-up. This collaboration further emphasizes the commitment of both companies to sustainability and a greener future.

Financial terms of these agreements have not been disclosed.

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