Global Markets Overview

International stocks trading in New York closed higher on Friday, with significant gains across various regions. Here's a breakdown of the key movements:

S&P/BNY Mellon Index

  • The S&P/BNY Mellon index of American depositary receipts saw a notable increase of 1.7%, reaching 175.12.

European Stocks

  • The European index added 1.3% to 168.02, indicating a positive trend in the region.

Asian Markets

  • The Asian index experienced a substantial uptick of 2.3%, climbing to 207.16.

Latin American Performance

  • The Latin American index rose by 0.8%, reaching 216.79, showcasing steady growth.

Emerging Markets

  • Emerging-markets index showed a strong performance, rising by 2.2% to 328.96.

Top Performers

  • Hesai Group from China emerged as the top leader, surging over 20% to $4.44.
  • Novonix, an Australia-based company, witnessed a significant increase of 16% to $2.55.
  • Norway's Opera secured a spot among the top performers, with shares rising approximately 16% to $14.10.

Declining Stocks

  • Aslan Pharmaceuticals, based in Australia, faced the most significant decline, plummeting by about 19% to 71 cents.
  • Shares of Macau-based Nature Wood Group also experienced a notable drop, falling by almost 12% to $16.99.

Data Source

The data used for this report is sourced from Dow Jones Market Data and FactSet.

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