Atlanta, GA - In a recent court filing, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani has admitted to making false public comments about two Georgia election workers. However, he argues that his words are protected by the constitution.

The lawsuit, brought by Ruby Freeman and Wandrea "Shaye" Moss, accuses Giuliani of defaming them by falsely claiming that they engaged in election fraud while counting ballots at State Farm Arena in Atlanta. Giuliani repeatedly promoted debunked claims that Freeman and Moss, who are mother and daughter, had pulled out suitcases of illegal ballots and committed other fraudulent acts in an attempt to alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Although Giuliani acknowledges the falsity of his statements, he denies that they caused any harm to Freeman or Moss. This point is crucial because defamation plaintiffs must demonstrate not only that a statement made about them was false, but also that it resulted in actual damage.

The court filing states, "While Giuliani does not admit to Plaintiffs' allegations, he — for purposes of this litigation only — does not contest the factual allegations."

Included in the filing is Giuliani's argument that he should not be sanctioned for failing to produce evidence in the case, as requested by Freeman and Moss.

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In a recent court filing related to the ongoing election fraud lawsuit, Rudy Giuliani, former political advisor to President Trump, has made a significant concession. While he does not admit to the plaintiffs' allegations, Giuliani, for the purpose of this litigation only, does not contest the factual allegations. This development allows the case to move forward and potentially opens the door for a motion to dismiss.

Clarifying Giuliani's Position

According to Ted Goodman, a political adviser to Giuliani, the filing was made in order to transition to the next stage of the case, which will likely involve a motion to dismiss. This strategic move indicates Giuliani's desire to focus on certain aspects of the lawsuit while not necessarily acknowledging the validity of the plaintiffs' claims.

Freeman and Moss Vindicated

On the other side of the legal battle, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, who were accused by Giuliani and former-President Trump of participating in election fraud during the 2020 presidential election, feel vindicated by this development. Michael Gottlieb, their lawyer, stated that Giuliani is conceding "what we have always known to be true." He affirms that Freeman and Moss dutifully performed their civic duties in full compliance with the law. The allegations made against them have been proven false from the very beginning.

Remaining Issues and Trial

While this concession is a significant milestone, there are still certain issues that need to be resolved by the court, including determining damages. Nevertheless, both Freeman and Moss are pleased with the progress made in their quest for justice. They eagerly anticipate presenting the remaining aspects of their case at trial.

Motion Alleges Lack of Evidence Preservation

In another motion recently filed by Freeman and Moss, they allege that Giuliani failed to preserve crucial evidence related to their claims. They have requested U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell to impose sanctions as a result. However, Giuliani's lawyer argues in the court filing that no electronic evidence was mishandled since it was all seized by the government and under their control.

Looking Ahead

As this election fraud lawsuit continues to unfold, it is clear that significant developments have been made. Giuliani's concession on the factual allegations allows the case to progress and potentially explore avenues for dismissal. With both sides eager to make their cases, the spotlight will remain on this legal battle as it moves closer to trial.

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