Dexcom, a leading provider of continuous glucose monitoring devices (CGMs), has experienced a remarkable surge in stock prices following its impressive earnings report. Contrary to concerns about competition from Ozempic and other weight-loss and diabetes medications, Dexcom's CGMs remain unaffected and may continue to thrive.

Steady Growth Potential

We stand by our previous recommendation to invest in Dexcom stock as the adoption of CGMs shows promising growth potential. With over 500 million diabetics worldwide, the current usage of CGMs by just under three million individuals leaves ample room for expansion. Moreover, the introduction of drugs like Ozempic could potentially drive even higher demand for CGMs, a perspective that skeptics have yet to consider.

Impressive Third-Quarter Results

The company's third-quarter results provide early confirmation of this hypothesis. Sales surged by 26% year over year, reaching an impressive $975 million—surpassing analysts' estimates of $940 million. Additionally, profit margins exceeded expectations, resulting in earnings of $0.50 per share compared to the predicted $0.34. These exceptional figures have reflected positively on Dexcom's stock performance.

Soaring Stock Prices

Following the release of the earnings report, Dexcom's stock experienced a rapid ascent of 10% on Monday, reaching a value of $89.49 as of 2:14 p.m. Since our initial recommendation, the stock has risen approximately 13%, reaffirming the company's strong position in the market.

Dexcom's stellar performance and potential for continued growth make it an excellent long-term investment opportunity.

Dexcom's CGMs Boosted by GLP-1s, Showing Strong Potential for Growth

Key Note: Dexcom, a leading provider of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems, has revealed promising evidence that GLP-1s, a type of medication used to treat diabetes, are driving demand for its CGMs. This data suggests that the CGM device is proving to be a valuable complementary product for patients starting GLP-1 therapy, positioning Dexcom for continued success and growth in the future.

A Complementary Product with High Growth Potential

During an earnings call, Dexcom's management disclosed that healthcare professionals are increasingly prescribing CGMs for patients initiating GLP-1 therapy such as Ozempic. This trend highlights the role of Dexcom's device as a supportive tool for diabetes treatments. The positive correlation between GLP-1 usage and CGM demand positions Dexcom in a favorable position within the market.

The Path to Success

With this noteworthy development, Dexcom's future looks bright. The company's stock is expected to experience an upward trajectory due to its thriving profits. Currently trading at approximately 55 times its estimated earnings for the next 12 months, the stock may even enjoy further gains as analysts continue raising their earnings projections based on recent reports. While it may not reach its peak multiple of 100 times earnings, sustained earnings growth will be sufficient to maintain an upward momentum.

Expert Analysis

UBS analyst Danielle Antalffy provides illuminating insights into Dexcom's current performance and future prospects. In her report, she considers the current quarter as a strong indicator of what lies ahead in the fourth quarter of 2023 and beyond into 2024. Antalffy reaffirmed her Buy rating on the stock and raised her price target from $138 to $145, emphasizing the substantial potential for sales growth and increased margins.


With Dexcom's CGMs proving to be a valuable complement to GLP-1 therapies, the company stands poised for significant growth. Investors looking to ride the wave of this promising market should consider holding onto Dexcom's stock. With a positive outlook for future sales acceleration and the potential for impressive gains, Dexcom is undoubtedly a stock to watch closely in the coming years.

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