London-based law firm, Charles Lyndon, has taken legal action against Vodafone Group, EE, O2, and Three, claiming that these companies have been overcharging customers at the end of their minimum service contracts. The firm alleges that the four companies failed to terminate customers' handset and airtime service contracts immediately upon the completion of their minimum contractual terms.

According to Charles Lyndon, customers' charges were not appropriately reduced once their handsets were fully paid for, leading to financial losses for these customers. The lawsuit represents between 2.3 million and 4.8 million contract customers.

Vodafone has acknowledged that it has recently been made aware of the claim but states that it requires more detailed information before its legal team can assess the situation. Similarly, O2's legal team has not yet been contacted regarding the lawsuit; however, the company asserts that its split contracts, introduced a decade ago, automatically and fully reduce customers' bills after they have paid off their handsets.

EE strongly disputes the claim made against them. A spokesperson for EE highlighted that the company offers a variety of tariffs and has a robust procedure in place for end-of-contract notifications. They also emphasized that the UK mobile market is highly competitive and boasts some of the lowest prices in Europe.

Representatives for Three declined to comment on the lawsuit.

It is worth noting that O2 is a joint venture between Liberty Global and Telefonica, EE is part of BT Group, while Three is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings.

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