Bharti Airtel is set to announce its third-quarter results on Monday. Here's what you should know:

Net Profit Forecast

According to a poll of analysts by FactSet, Bharti Airtel is expected to report a net profit of INR 26.34 billion ($317.6 million) for the three months ending December 31, representing a significant 66% increase compared to the previous year when the net profit was INR 15.88 billion.

Revenue Forecast

The FactSet poll also suggests that third-quarter revenue is likely to have risen by 5.3% compared to the previous year, amounting to INR 376.95 billion.

Stock Performance

During the October-December period, Bharti Airtel's stock experienced an impressive 11% increase. Additionally, it has risen another 11% in 2024 so far, closing at INR 1,150.75 on Thursday.

Key Factors to Watch

1. Profits from Mobile Services in India During the second quarter, Bharti Airtel witnessed a 29% increase in profits from mobile services in India, reaching INR 46.775 billion. The company's customer base also grew by 4.4% to 342.3 million, while the average revenue per user increased by 6.9% to INR 203 per month. Investors will be closely monitoring the performance of this crucial segment.

2. Earnings-Before-Interest-and-Taxes Margin Bharti Airtel's earnings-before-interest-and-taxes margin improved to 26.8% during the second quarter, compared to 25.4% in the previous year. Investors are eager to see if there will be any further improvement in margins, considering the global challenge of high inflation.

3. Capital Expenditure The company's capital expenditure experienced a significant 31% increase to INR 92.06 billion in the second quarter. Investors are paying attention to the burden of capital spending required to maintain and upgrade Bharti Airtel's extensive communication network.

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