Babcock International, a prominent engineering company and major contractor for the U.K. government, is set to release its financial results for the first half of fiscal 2024 on Tuesday. Here are the key details you should know:

Revenue Forecast

The company's compiled revenue consensus mean for this period is projected to be £2.09 billion ($2.56 billion). In comparison, the revenue for the same period last year was £2.14 billion.

Underlying Operating Profit Forecast

The compiled consensus mean for underlying operating profit, which excludes exceptional and other one-off items, is anticipated to be £147.6 million for the six months ending September 30. This reflects an increase from the previous year's figure of £121.7 million.

What to Watch For

Underlying Operating Margin

The underlying operating margin for this period is expected to be 6.9%, according to the consensus mean compiled by the company.

Free Cashflow

The consensus mean for free cashflow during this period is projected to be £23.3 million, indicating a positive turnaround compared to a free cash outflow of £24.7 million in the previous year.

Closing Net Debt

Based on an IFRS 16 basis, the closing net debt is expected to decrease for this period. The company has provided a consensus mean of £547.6 million, significantly lower than the closing net debt of £1.04 billion in the previous year.

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