B90 Holdings has recently announced its plans to acquire Emwys AB, a Swedish marketing company, in a share purchase agreement. The deal is valued at up to 3.6 million euros ($4.0 million). Along with the acquisition, B90 Holdings has also entered into a license and marketing agreement.

Expanding Online Marketing Capabilities

By partnering with Funko International AB, B90 Holdings will acquire Emwys AB. Emwys specializes in pay-per-click marketing within the online gambling sector. The expected closing date for the acquisition is set for September 1st.

To further strengthen their online marketing efforts, B90 Holdings has also entered into a short-term associated license and marketing agreement over Funko's Google advertising account. This account is currently utilized by Emwys for pay-per-click marketing purposes.

Driving Revenue Through Strategic Partnerships

The acquisition of Emwys AB will provide B90 Holdings with a valuable asset to improve their marketing capabilities and drive future revenue through strategic affiliate partnerships. This move demonstrates B90 Holdings' commitment to expanding their presence within the online marketing industry.

Details of the Agreement

As part of the agreement, B90 Holdings will initially pay EUR500,000 in cash and EUR250,000 in convertible loan notes. These amounts are non-refundable. The remaining balance of the deal, due on the closing date, will be determined based on performance conditions. This includes EUR1.25 million in cash and EUR1.6 million in either convertible loan notes or new ordinary shares in the company.

Securing Additional Investment

To support this acquisition and future growth, B90 Holdings has raised an additional EUR300,000 through a subscription for convertible loan notes from an investor.

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