In what has been a lackluster smartphone market, Apple Inc. is poised to achieve something unprecedented. Analysts at Counterpoint Research suggest that Apple could finish the year as the top global leader in smartphone shipments for the first time ever.

The prolonged use of smartphones by consumers has contributed to an estimated 6% decline in overall shipments this year, down to 1.15 billion units. This would mark the lowest level witnessed in the past decade.

However, Counterpoint's experts express keen interest in the fourth quarter due to the launch of the highly anticipated iPhone 15. According to Jeff Fieldhack, Counterpoint's North America research director, this new release presents an opportunity for carriers to attract high-value customers. Fieldhack expects aggressive promotions, particularly with a large base of current iPhone 12 owners eligible for upgrades, which could position Apple favorably.

Counterpoint highlights the growing dominance of premium smartphones in the market, with China being at the forefront of this trend. Since Apple focuses primarily on the premium segment, it plans to unveil its latest lineup of devices, the iPhone 15 family, in September. Sales are anticipated to commence either later that month or in early October.

Counterpoint's projections indicate that Apple is now incredibly close to claiming the top spot. Fieldhack reveals that "we're talking about a spread that's literally a few days' worth of sales." Barring any production issues like those encountered last year, it remains uncertain as to which company will secure the leading position.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, which led in shipments last year and during the first quarter of this year, now faces fierce competition from Apple.

In conclusion, the smartphone market may finally witness Apple dethroning its rivals, achieving a milestone that has eluded them thus far.

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