Shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) experienced a slight decline of 0.07% on Monday, closing at $178.72. Despite this, it was an overall positive day for the stock market, as both the NASDAQ Composite Index (COMP) and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) saw notable gains.

Second Consecutive Day of Losses for Apple

This marked the second consecutive day of losses for Apple Inc. stock. It closed $19.51 below its 52-week high of $198.23, which the company had achieved on July 19th.

Underperformance Compared to Competitors

On Monday, Apple underperformed when compared to some of its key competitors. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) saw a rise of 1.50% to $332.64, while both Alphabet Inc. Cl C (GOOG) and Alphabet Inc. Cl A (GOOGL) experienced gains of 1.38% and 1.26% respectively, with closing prices of $140.49 and $139.10.

Trading Volume Remains Below Average

Despite the overall positive trading session, Apple Inc.'s trading volume remained below average. With a volume of 51.8 million shares traded, it fell short by 8.5 million shares when compared to its 50-day average volume of 60.3 million.

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