Published by Ben Glickman

Vancouver, Wash.-based generative AI drug creation company, Absci, announced the appointment of Zach Jonasson as their new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Business Officer (CBO), effective Aug. 31. This comes as the current CFO, Greg Schiffman, prepares for retirement after serving in his role since 2020.

Jonasson, aged 51, brings with him a wealth of experience as the co-founder and managing general partner of two venture capital firms, Phoenix Venture Partners and Convergent Ventures. He has been a member of Absci's board since 2016 and held the position of Chairman from April 2016 to January 2021. Prior to joining Absci, he also served as the chief executive of Comera Life Sciences.

As Jonasson takes on his new responsibilities as CFO and CBO, he will step down from the board and his roles at Phoenix and Convergent. In recognition of his appointment, Absci disclosed in a regulatory filing that Jonasson will receive an annual base salary of $520,000 and a one-time payment of $25,000. He will also be eligible for an annual target bonus, amounting to 50% of his salary.

Exciting times lie ahead for Absci as they embrace a fresh leadership dynamic with Zach Jonasson at the helm.

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